four number

four number
1 4
2 four o'clock: I'll meet you just after four, okay?
3 a group of four people or things: The boxes were stacked in fours. | make up a four (=complete a group of 4 people): Will you make up a four for a game of cards?
—compare foursome
4 on all fours supporting your body with your hands and knees: Billy was down on all fours on the ice.
5 from the four corners of the earth/world from places or countries that are very far away from each other: People gathered from the four corners of the earth for the ecology convention.
6 four on the floor AmE if a car has four on the floor, it has four gears worked by a gear lever
7 a long narrow boat rowed in races by four people
8 a coach and four a carriage pulled by four horses
—see also: four ply ply 2, be scattered to the four winds scatter (3) — fourth number

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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